Flores and Kelimutu: Indonesia’s Enchanting Natural Wonder


The Indonesian archipelago, with its pristine beaches, emerald jungles, and mist-clad mountains, holds numerous secrets. Flores and the Kelimutu Volcano are two such treasures. Flores, a long stretch of an island in East Nusa Tenggara, boasts of unique cultures, diverse marine life, and the enigmatic three-colored crater lakes of Kelimutu. This review delves deep into the enchantment of these destinations, exploring their history, environment, and the myriad experiences they offer.

History of the Details

Flores derives its name from the Portuguese word for “flowers.” Historically, the island has been a melting pot of cultures, with various local tribes and foreign influences shaping its heritage. Kelimutu, with its tri-colored lakes, has an array of legends and myths surrounding its existence, with the local people believing the lakes are the resting place for departed souls.

 Size and Appearance


Flores and Kelimutu

Flores, stretching over 13,450 sq km, is characterized by undulating lands capes, deep blue sea vistas, and a chain of volcanoes. Kelimutu, the standout among them, is recognized for its three crater lakes, each possessing a different color due to the mineral contents and the play of light and shadow.

Environmental Health

The rich biodiversity of Flores is commendable. Home to the endangered Komodo dragons, the island also boasts of a myriad of flora and fauna. Conservation efforts are underway to protect the natural habitats. Kelimutu National Park plays a significant role in these efforts, preserving not just the volcanic marvel but also the surrounding ecological wonder.

 Area Human Personality

Flores’s locals are known for their warmth and hospitality. The island, with its diverse tribes, boasts of unique traditions, dances, and languages. The traditional village of Wae Rebo, with its iconic cone-shaped huts, stands as a testament to the island’s rich heritage.

 5 Best Things to Do Flores and Kelimutu

    1. Witness the Sunrise at Kelimutu: Kelimutu is a volcano in Indonesia, famous for its three crater lakes, each of which changes color due to the minerals and gases. Watching the sunrise here is not just about the visual spectacle but also about experiencing a sense of tranquility and awe. The changing colors of the lakes at dawn, shifting from turquoise to green or red, create a surreal landscape. It’s a spiritual experience for many, often accompanied by local legends and stories.

    2. Dive in Komodo National Park: Located in the Lesser Sunda Islands, Komodo National Park is not just home to the famous Komodo dragons but is also a world-class diving destination. The underwater ecosystem here is vibrant, featuring coral reefs, manta rays, sharks, and a plethora of fish species. The crystal-clear waters and the rich marine life make it a paradise for divers. It’s an opportunity to witness the underwater world in its most unspoiled form.

    3. Explore the Cunca Wulang Waterfall: This destination offers a more adventurous experience. Located in Flores, Indonesia, the Cunca Wulang Waterfall is a hidden gem, requiring a trek through the jungle. The journey itself is part of the appeal, with opportunities to observe local flora and fauna. The waterfall cascades into beautiful natural pools, perfect for swimming and enjoying the serene jungle environment.

    4. Visit the Bena Traditional Village: Bena is a megalithic village in Ngada, Flores. It provides a fascinating insight into the traditional lifestyle of the Ngada people. The village is known for its unique houses with thatched roofs and megalithic formations. Visiting Bena is like stepping back in time; you get to see traditional weaving, learn about local customs, and observe ancestral rituals that have been preserved over generations.

    5. Cruise Around the 17 Islands Marine Park: This marine park is in East Nusa Tenggara and is known for its rich marine and terrestrial biodiversity. A cruise around these islands is not just about the scenic beauty but also about encountering diverse wildlife, including dolphins and flying foxes. The park is a haven for bird watchers and nature enthusiasts. The sunsets here, as seen from the boat, are often described as spectacular, painting the sky in hues of orange and red.

    Each of these activities provides a unique way to experience the natural beauty and cultural richness of Indonesia, making them highly recommended for anyone visiting the region.

     Famous Hotels, Resorts, and Local Foods

    Hotels/Resorts Address
    Plataran Komodo Resort Labuan Bajo, Flores
    Sylvia Resort Komodo Labuan Bajo, Flores

    Local Foods Shops
    Ayam Kampung Warung Mama, Ende
    Sambal Dabu-Dabu Rumah Makan Tenda Biru, Maumere

     What to Eat

    Flores offers a culinary journey, with dishes like Se’i (smoked pork), Uta Tabha (a fish dish), and Tapa (fermented cassava). The flavors, enhanced by local spices, are bound to tantalize your taste buds.

     Favorites and Famous Foods

    Favorite Foods Shops
    Ikan Woku Dapur Bajo, Labuan Bajo
    Rutong (bamboo soup) Warung Tenda Ojek, Ende

     Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Flores

        • Unique Cultural Experience: Flores provides an unadulterated view of traditional Indonesian life, away from the bustling touristy hubs.

        • Natural Beauty: From beaches to mountains, the scenic beauty of Flores is unparalleled.

        • Diverse Activities: Whether you’re an adventurer, a nature lover, or a culture enthusiast, Flores has something to offer.

       One Reason to Tread Carefully

      While the natural beauty is overwhelming, infrastructure in some parts of Flores is still developing. This means that travel can sometimes be challenging, requiring careful planning.

      Estimated Cost for a 1-Day Visit to Flores and the Kelimutu Volcano

      Cost Type Budget (USD) Mid-range (USD) Luxury (USD)
      Accommodation 20 – 30 50 – 100 150 – 300
      Food 10 – 15 20 – 40 50 – 100
      Transport 15 – 25 30 – 60 100 – 200
      Basic Activities 10 – 20 30 – 50 50 – 150
      Total Estimated 55 – 90 130 – 250 350 – 750
      • Accommodation: Budget options might include hostels or budget hotels. Mid-range covers comfortable hotels or guesthouses. Luxury involves top-tier hotels or exclusive resorts.
      • Food: Budget reflects local eateries or street food. Mid-range includes standard restaurants. Luxury entails fine dining or high-end restaurants.
      • Transport: Includes local transportation. Budget might involve public buses or shared taxis. Mid-range includes private taxis or car rentals. Luxury covers premium car rentals or private tours.
      • Basic Activities: Entry fees for attractions like Kelimutu or local tours. Luxury may include guided private tours.

      2-Day Itinerary in Flores and Kelimutu?

      Day 1: Exploring Kelimutu and Surroundings


        • Sunrise at Kelimutu Crater Lakes: Start early to catch the sunrise. The changing colors of the lakes at dawn are a breathtaking sight.
        • Breakfast at a local café: Enjoy traditional Indonesian breakfast.


        • Hike around Kelimutu: Explore the walking trails around the lakes.


        • Lunch in Moni: Return to the village of Moni for a traditional lunch.
        • Visit the Traditional Village of Wologai: Explore traditional Lionese architecture and learn about local customs.


        • Dinner and Stay in Moni: Enjoy local cuisine and rest in a hotel in Moni.

      Day 2: Cultural and Natural Exploration


        • Travel to Bena Village: After breakfast, head to Bena, a traditional Ngada village known for its megalithic formations and ancestral shrines.
        • Explore Bena and Surrounding Area: Engage with local culture and crafts.


        • Lunch in Bajawa: Savor a local meal in Bajawa.
        • Visit Blue Stone Beach: Spend the afternoon at this unique beach with its colorful stones.


        • Return to Labuan Bajo: Head back to Labuan Bajo for dinner.
        • Sunset Dinner Cruise: If time and budget allow, end your day with a sunset cruise around the Komodo islands, a perfect way to wind down your exploration.

      This itinerary balances cultural immersion, natural beauty, and relaxation, ensuring you capture the essence of Flores and the Kelimutu Volcano in a short span. Remember, the actual execution of this plan can vary depending on your personal preferences, weather conditions, and logistical factors.

       Tips for a Safe and Memorable Adventure

          • Respect local customs and traditions, especially in remote villages.

          • Stay hydrated and use sunscreen generously.

          • Always hire a local guide when exploring unfamiliar terrains.

          • Be cautious while diving; ensure you’re accompanied by certified instructors.

          • Try to travel during the dry season to avoid heavy rainfall and rough seas.

         Concluding Reflections

        The beauty of Flores and the Kelimutu Volcano lies not just in its scenic charm but in the stories, traditions, and warmth of its people. It’s a journey that promises not just sights, but soulful experiences. Embrace it!

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        Note: This review is a positive outlook of Flores and the Kelimutu Volcano, aiming to highlight the best of what they offer. Always conduct further research when planning a trip. Safe travels!

        Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

        Here we answer some of the most common questions about these offers a rich tapestry of history, culture, and modernity. can expect results 

        • Yes, but always heed local advice and be prepared for changing weather conditions.
        • Wae Rebo Shop – Address: Jl. Trans Flores, Wae Rebo, Manggarai Regency, Postal Code: 86551.
        • Ende Market – Address: Jl. Hasan Aroeboesman, Ende, Postal Code: 86351.
        • Kelimutu Souvenir Shop – Address: Near Kelimutu National Park, Ende Regency, Postal Code: 86372.
        • No, but there’s an entrance fee for the national park.
        • Yes, there are direct flights to Labuan Bajo, the gateway to Flores, from major Indonesian cities.
        • While seafood and meat dominate the cuisine, several restaurants offer vegetarian options.

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