The Perhentian Islands, aptly named from the Malay term ‘perhentian’ which means ‘stopping point’, have historically served as a refreshing waypoint for traders journeying between Malaysia and Bangkok. Nestled in the South China Sea off Malaysia’s northeastern coast, these islands, despite their modest size, hold tales of ancient maritime traditions and a rich history, making them not just a beach lover’s paradise, but also a trove for history buffs.Perhentian Islands

Size and Grandeur The Visual Delight

Consisting of two main islands, Perhentian Besar (Big Perhentian) and Perhentian Kecil (Small Perhentian), together they sprawl over an area of 19 square kilometers. Both islands, blanketed by lush tropical jungles, boast pristine beaches that seamlessly transition into azure waters, offering mesmerizing underwater vistas for snorkelers and divers alike.

Nature’s Pulse Environmental Health

The Perhentian Islands’ reefs and beaches are more than just beautiful; they are vibrant ecosystems teeming with marine life. However, the influx of tourists means that environmental health is paramount. Conservation initiatives, such as turtle sanctuary projects and coral rehabilitation programs, have sprouted up to ensure these islands remain a haven for future generations.

Culture and People The Island’s Persona

Beyond its natural wonders, the Perhentian Islands are also about its warm and welcoming locals. Inhabitants primarily consist of traditional fishermen, embodying a laid-back lifestyle that contrasts with the buzzing tourism. Their rich cultural tapestry, stemming from Malay, Siamese, and Javanese influences, adds depth to the island’s personality.

Perhentian Islands Thrills and Spills Top 5 Activities


    The Perhentian Islands, a dazzling archipelago off the northeastern coast of Malaysia, are a treasure trove of adventures. Let’s dive into the top five activities that make this destination a must-visit for thrill-seekers and nature lovers.

    1. Scuba Diving: An Underwater Wonderland The crystal-clear waters surrounding the Perhentian Islands are a scuba diver’s paradise. Home to some of the world’s most vibrant coral gardens, these waters offer an incredible diversity of marine life. Beginners and experienced divers alike can plunge into this underwater haven, encountering everything from gentle sea turtles and colorful clownfish to majestic whale sharks. Dive sites like Sugar Wreck and T3 are famous for their remarkable visibility and biodiversity, providing an unforgettable underwater experience.

    2. Turtle Watching: A Heartwarming Spectacle The islands are renowned for being a nesting ground for several species of sea turtles, including the endangered Green and Hawksbill turtles. The best time to experience this natural marvel is between April and September. Watching mother turtles laboriously come ashore to lay eggs, and later, witnessing the tiny hatchlings scramble towards the sea under the moonlight, is profoundly moving and a rare opportunity to connect with nature’s delicate cycle.

    3. Island Hopping: A Journey of Discovery With numerous small islands and secluded beaches, the Perhentian Islands are perfect for island hopping. Each island has its unique charm, from the bustling beaches of Perhentian Kecil to the more tranquil and untouched landscapes of Perhentian Besar. Rent a boat, or join a guided tour, to explore hidden coves, swim in secluded bays, and perhaps even discover your private beach for the day. It’s an adventure that combines relaxation with the thrill of exploration.

    4. Jungle Trekking: The Call of the Wild The Perhentian Islands are not just about the sea; their interiors are covered with lush tropical jungles waiting to be explored. Trekking through these dense forests, you might encounter a diverse array of wildlife, from monitor lizards and fruit bats to a wide variety of birds. Trails like the Windmill Point Trek or the Teluk Dalam to Teluk KK Trek offer both challenging and leisurely routes, unveiling the islands’ hidden waterfalls, stunning viewpoints, and the enchanting chorus of the tropical wilderness.

    5. Sunset Cruises: An Enchanting Evening As the day winds down, there’s no better way to end it than on a sunset cruise. These excursions offer a chance to see the islands from a different perspective. As the boat drifts along, you’re treated to the spectacle of the sun dipping below the horizon, painting the sky in shades of orange, pink, and purple. It’s a moment of pure tranquility, often enhanced by the sight of dolphins playfully chasing the boat. Add in a cool breeze and the gentle lapping of waves, and you have the perfect setting for an evening to remember.

    These activities not only highlight the natural beauty of the Perhentian Islands but also emphasize the importance of preserving this fragile ecosystem. Each adventure offers a unique way to connect with nature and witness the unspoiled beauty of one of Malaysia’s most stunning destinations.

    Estimated Cost for a 1-Day Visit to Perhentian Islands in USD

    Type Accommodation Food Transport Activities Total Estimated Cost
    Budget $20 – $30 $10 – $15 $15 – $20 $20 – $30 $65 – $95
    Mid-Range $50 – $80 $20 – $30 $20 – $30 $40 – $60 $130 – $200
    Luxury $120 – $200 $50 – $80 $30 – $50 $80 – $120 $280 – $450
    • Accommodation: Prices vary based on the type of stay; hostels and budget hotels for Budget, mid-tier hotels for Mid-Range, and luxury resorts for Luxury.
    • Food: Budget includes local eateries, Mid-Range covers mid-level restaurants, and Luxury involves fine dining or meals at high-end resorts.
    • Transport: Includes round-trip boat transfers and local transportation. Luxury may involve private transfers.
    • Activities: Budget covers basic snorkeling or beach activities, Mid-Range includes guided tours or diving, and Luxury includes private tours or exclusive experiences.

    2-Day Itinerary: Photogenic Tour of Perhentian Islands

    Day 1:

    • Morning: Arrive at the islands early and check into your accommodation. Start your day with a breakfast at a local café, enjoying traditional Malaysian cuisine.

    • Late Morning to Afternoon: Embark on a snorkeling tour to explore the vibrant coral reefs. The best spots for photography are around the smaller islands like Rawa and Susu Dara. Capture the underwater magic with colorful corals and diverse marine life.

    • Late Afternoon: Visit Turtle Beach for an opportunity to photograph endangered sea turtles in their natural habitat. The golden hour offers perfect lighting for breathtaking shots.

    • Evening: Head back to your accommodation. After refreshing, go for a beach stroll. Capture the sunset at Long Beach, known for its picturesque sunsets with silhouetted boats and tranquil waters.

    • Dinner: Enjoy a seafood dinner at a beachfront restaurant, perfect for culinary photography and a relaxing end to the day.

    Day 2:

    • Early Morning: Start with a sunrise photography session at Teluk Dalam, a secluded beach with dramatic landscapes, perfect for capturing the serene morning light.

    • Morning to Midday: Go for a jungle trek. The trail to the Windmill Point offers stunning panoramic views of the islands – a photographer’s delight. Capture the lush greenery and possibly some wildlife.

    • Afternoon: Take a boat to the small fishing village on Perhentian Kecil. Photograph the daily life of locals, colorful boats, and rustic village scenes.

    • Late Afternoon: Head to Coral Bay for another chance at capturing a mesmerizing sunset with unique rock formations in the foreground.

    • Evening: Return to your accommodation. Enjoy a relaxed evening reviewing your photographs or exploring the local night scene.

    Note: The itinerary focuses on capturing the beauty of the Perhentian Islands through photography. Adjustments can be made based on specific interests and weather conditions.

    Stay and Dine Notable Resorts and Culinary Stops

    Hotel/Resort Address Famous Food Shop Address
    Perhentian Island Resort Perhentian Besar, Terengganu Annie’s Place Pulau Perhentian Kecil, Besut, Terengganu, Malaysia
    Bubu Resort Long Beach, Perhentian Kecil Mama’s Chalet Pulau Perhentian Kecil, Besut, Terengganu, Malaysia

    Tantalizing Tastes Must-Try Foods

    From freshly caught seafood to traditional Malay dishes, the culinary journey in Perhentian is one to relish. Nasi lemak, with its creamy coconut rice, spicy sambal, and crispy anchovies, is a breakfast staple. Grilled fish, seasoned with local herbs, is a dinner favorite. 

    Shop and Savour Where to Find Famous Delights

    Famous Food Shop Address
    Grilled Barracuda Ewan’s Café Coral Bay, Kecil
    Ice Kacang Liza’s Shop Perhentian Besar
    Roti Canai Abdul’s Chalet Long Beach, Kecil

    Making the Choice Pros and Cons

    Top 3 Reasons Why You’d Choose Perhentian Islands

        • Ethereal natural beauty spanning both land and sea.

        • Rich history and cultural immersion.

        • A myriad of activities to cater to both adrenaline junkies and serenity seekers.

      1 Reason Why You’d Avoid

      Potential environmental strain due to heavy tourism during peak seasons.

      Tips for a Safe and Memorable Adventure

      The Perhentian Islands are indeed enchanting, but it’s crucial to ensure safety. Always stay hydrated, especially during sun-soaked adventures. Respect local customs and habitats. Remember, responsible tourism not only ensures your safety but also the islands’ sustainability.

      In Pursuit of Paradise Final Thoughts

      The Perhentian Islands, with their shimmering beaches, abundant marine life, and rich history, beckon travelers from all walks of life. While they offer unparalleled beauty and adventure, it is our responsibility to tread lightly, ensuring these islands remain the paradise they are for generations to come.

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      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      Here we answer some of the most common questions about these offers a rich tapestry of history, culture, and modernity. can expect results 

      • Between March and November, during the dry season.
      • Absolutely! Many resorts cater to families, and there are plenty of safe beaches and activities for kids.
      • You can take a boat from Kuala Besut, which is accessible by road from major cities.
      • While resorts offer purified water, it’s recommended to drink bottled water.
      • It depends on your nationality. Most visitors get a visa upon arrival, but always check the latest guidelines.


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